Services and Financial Information

HIV Specialty and Primary Medical Care
Our physicians and nurse practitioner serve as HIV specialists and primary care physicians. We manage all stages of HIV/AIDS at our facility, as well as many other medical conditions, such as diabetes and hypertension. Appropriate referrals are made for diagnostic testing to other specialists as needed.

Anal Dysplasia Screening and Treatment
The HIV primary care physician or nurse practitioner conducts the screening process for our patients. This is a simple procedure.  A physician who specializes in the treatment of anal dysplasia for early anal cancer provides the treatment in our center. Patients should discuss the need for screening with their primary HIV physician or nurse practitioner during their office visit.

HIV Pain Management
Patients suffering from complex pain syndromes are referred to our HIV pain management clinic. Advanced treatment from a physician who is specialized in pain management is available on-site.

Medical Case Management
A licensed social worker and registered nurse provide medical case management to our patients. The medical case managers complete a comprehensive assessment and develop a plan of care.  If you have a need for a case manager, please call 817-702-3701 to schedule an appointment.

Medication Adherence Program
Our medical case managers conduct this program, which was developed by the Case Management Society of America and has been adapted to our HIV patients’ needs. All patients starting antiretroviral therapy, changing therapy or having problems with their current therapy are referred to the adherence program. Call 817-702-3701 to schedule an appointment.

Nutritional Assessment & Counseling
Our registered dietician completes a nutritional assessment and develops a plan of care with our patients. Patients who need a nutritional assessment should call 817-702-3701 to schedule an appointment.

Patient and Family Education
Patient Education programs are scheduled in the Healing Wings Resource Center. Programs include HIV 101, Medication Adherence, Nutritional Needs of the HIV Patient, and many more. Click here for our monthly calendar of these programs.

Financial Information and Options
Several grants are available to our patients, depending upon income. The grants are available to patients in an eight-county area, regardless of U.S. residency status. Patients who qualify can also apply for discounted medial care through JPS Connection and JPS discount programs. Please contact our Healing Wings eligibility representative at 817-702-1399 for assistance in enrolling in these programs or to ask any questions you may have. We accept patients with Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance.