Supplier Diversity Program

JPS is committed to providing Small, Minority, Women and Veteran owned Enterprises (SMWVBE) an equal opportunity to compete for and earn contracts for the goods and services we purchase. JPS recognizes that a diverse supplier base promotes competition, builds strong communities, drives creativity and creates opportunities.

Our Supplier Diversity Program will:

  • Reinforce the District’s Commitment to Business Development/Supplier Diversity spend
  • Recognized and help build stronger business relationships that help contribute to the local economy
  • Foster and nurture business relationships
  • Proactively seek to procure products and services from Small/Minority/Women/Veteran owned business enterprises
  • Increase our overall supplier base with whom we do business

Our program will assist Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUBs) and Small, Minority, Women, Veteran Business Enterprises (SMWVBEs) with bid and contract opportunities through a combination of:


Statement of Purpose – Office of Diversity & Inclusion

The JPS Office of Diversity and Inclusion fosters a respectful culture of excellence through consistent and systematic implementation of diversity and inclusion best practices. The JPS Office of Diversity and Inclusion supports and sustains an inclusive environment of caring, respect and connection to deliver culturally responsive service in the diverse communities in which we serve. In addition, we strive to increase diverse spend and positively impact our community through the JPS Business Diversity efforts


Statement of Purpose – Robert Earley, President and Chief Executive Officer, JPS Health Network

JPS is a tax-supported organization and therefore is pleased to support local HUB and SMWVBE businesses. We have goals for HUB and SMWVBE participation on contracts and hold ourselves accountable for supporting community business owners whenever possible. We appreciate feedback and are always looking for ways to improve our processes in this area.
Robert Earley
President and Chief Executive Officer
JPS Health Network


Our Policy

The Tarrant County Hospital District (“District”) will strive to ensure that all businesses, regardless of size, economic, social, gender or ethnic status have an equal opportunity in the District’s procurement processes. The District is committed to promote full and equal business opportunity for all businesses to supply the goods and services needed to support the mission and operations of the District, and seeks to encourage the use of HUBs and SMWVBEs through the use of race, ethnic and gender neutral means. The District acknowledges the good faith efforts of businesses that recognize and practice similar business standards.


Our Goals 

Doing business with diverse vendors helps JPS to:

  • Provide excellent patient care
  • Maximize savings opportunities for the taxpayers of Tarrant County
  • Promote competition and builds strong communities